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College Students: Be Aware Of Phone Scams

As you settle into your fall semester routine, both the FBI and the IRS want you to be alert for calls from scammers.

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Boost Productivity By Offering Feedback

A research study by a staffing agency reveals that younger workers want to know how the work they do affects the company they work for. 

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Computer Systems Review

Business owners have many computer systems in place in their company, managed by an employee as part of his job or managed by a third party who may not be really qualified to manage a business software system.

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Review of Bank Loan Agreements

When reviewing and evaluating your bank loans make sure that you, your controller, CPA or attorney review all loan documentation in detail and consider the following matters:

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Lawsuits Target Higher Ed: What Retirement Plan Sponsors Need to Know

Retirement plan excessive fee litigation surrounding 403(b) plans was a hot topic in the employee benefit plan world this past week. Several universities that sponsor 403(b) plans were added to excessive fee litigation filed by the law firm of Schlichter, … 

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BDO USA’s Summer 2016 Manufacturing Output newsletter is now available

BDO USA's Summer 2016 Manufacturing Output newsletter is now available

Inside this issue, the Manufacturing & Distribution leaders examine the top trends and issues shaping the industry's future, including:

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Get to Know Mary Johnston, CPA - Director of Tax Services

Describe your role at Weber O’Brien:

I work mainly with business owners, their businesses, and high-income taxpayers.
What do you think is most gratifying about your work?
Working directly with clients is most gratifying, being available to assist as their tax needs expand. In some instances, I am now working with second generation owners, having the pleasure of working with their parents for many years.

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Get Serious About Catching Up

If you're age 50 or older, tax law has a permanent provision that lets you make extra contributions to your retirement plans. These "catch-up" contributions vary depending on the type of retirement plan. For example, if you participate in a SIMPLE, you can make a catch-up contribution of up to $3,000 in 2016, over and above the maximum $12,500 salary reduction contribution. For IRAs, both Roth and traditional, the 2016 catch-up contribution is $1,000.

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As the presidential political season approaches its climactic months, there is growing evidence that the U.S. economy is functioning far better than the headlines. At its foundations, however, the economy is showing cracks. Businesses have slowed the pace of hiring. Corporate earnings continue to decline. Uncertainty about the coming year, perhaps magnified by election rhetoric, seems to be dampening business investment. At the same time the underpinning of the economy, the U.S. consumer, seems to be clearly split about the health of his or her own household finances compared to those of the nation.

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After years of relative stability, construction costs have begun to see upward volatility in several key categories. Steel, fuel and labor have all seen prices rise higher than the overall rate of inflation. In the case of steel and fuel, the increases are rebounds from cyclical lows. Given that incidence rate of those basic materials, and the continued short labor supply, construction prices should move higher faster than inflation over the next year.

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